10 iMessage Tips for iPhone 6


Messaging is an activity that is often performed by mobile users, and it would be very inconvenient if you can not adjust well messaging. The following is some secret tips iMessage where you can easily manage your messages using iMessage app. Learn more about how to use these iMessage based on the following tips to master the messages app on your iPhone 6.


10 iMessage Secret Tips for Better Messaging

  1. Do Not Disturb for a single message – Open Message -> Tap on Details -> Turn on Do Not Disturb
  2. Leave a Group Message – Open the group message -> tap on Details -> then Leave this Conversation.
  3. Share Your Location – Open the message -> tap on Details -> Share my Location.
  4. Rename Group Message – Open the group message -> tap on Details -> At the top tap on Group Name and enter the new name -> tap done
  5. See All Photos in a Conversation – Go to the message -> Tap on Details -> scroll to the Attachments section -> Tap on one to scroll through like photos.
  6. Send Audio Messages – Open the message and tap on the microphone icon on the right side and hold down to record a message.
  7. Send a Video Message – Tap and hold on the camera icon to the left side of the text area. Slide right to take a video or up to take a photo.
  8. Check Texts on Mac, iPad or 2nd iPhone – Settings -> Messages -> Text Forwarding -> Toggle on and then enter the six digit code shown on the second device.
  9. Block iMessage or Text – Settings -> Messages -> Blocked -> Add New.
  10. Set a Custom Vibration – Go to Contacts, find the contact you want and then tap on Edit. Next, you need to scroll to Text Tone and Vibration. Tap on Vibration and then on Create New Vibration.


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