10 iOS 8 Privacy Problem Everyone Need to Know


The new Apple iOS 8 for iPhone 6 has a lot of new features, but do you know there are a surprising number of new privacy and security-related issues in iOS 8 default settings. Fortunately, there are a handful of quick settings changes you can make to protect your privacy.

Privacy Settings

Privacy Settings

10  iOS 8 Privacy Problem

Problem #1: The QuickType Keyboard Is Storing Your Passwords

Solving: Turn off QuickType Keyboard. Going to Settings -> General -> Keyboard and toggling off Predictive.

Problem #2: Your Search Queries Are Tracked for Advertising

Solving: Run private browsing with DuckDuckGo

Problem #3: Stored Cookies & Credit Card Information Make Unwanted Purchases Too Easy

Solving: Set up your Safari browser to safety browsing by choose option: “Do Not Track“, “Block Cookies“, and “Fraudulent Website Warning“. Tap on “Passwords & AutoFill” option to get rid of passwords and credit or debit cards that Safari has saved.

Problem #4: Apps Can Access Your Camera, Photos, & More

Solving: Manage which applications are granted access to the Camera, Background Location, as well as other functions, from Settings -> Privacy.

Problem #6: Your Information Is Being Sent to Advertisers & Developers

Solving: Select Don’t Send from the Diagnostics & Usage settings page in Privacy. Toggle off Share With App Developers, and Enable Limit Ad Tracking in Advertising

Problem #8: Apple Is Tracking Your Every Move

Solving: Disable Frequent Locations. Go to Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services -> System Services and disable Frequent Locations option.

Problem #9: Your Location Can Be Shared with Anyone

Solving: Disable location sharing option. Going to Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services -> Share My Location.

Problem #10: Your Deleted Photos Aren’t Actually Deleted

The new iOS 8 feature is a “Recently Deleted” photo album which holds on to photos you thought you deleted for up to 30 days after you delete them.

Solving: Going to Photos App -> Albums -> Recently Deleted -> Select -> Tap the photo(s) you want to delete -> Delete -> Delete Photo.

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