14 hidden tips and tricks to make the most of your new iPhone 6s


6s does whaaat?

the brand new iPhones had been out for over a month, so it’s time to recap all the go-to pointers and hints we’ve located. Do you’ve got a favorite nifty little trick? let us know within the comments.

Peek into an entire album in Apple song

permit’s say you’ve got discovered an awesome song at the same time as being attentive to Apple tune’s “hot Tracks” phase within the New tab. using three-D touch, deep press at the song to get a glimpse of the whole album that song is a part of. From there you can begin gambling the complete album, placed it on shuffle or upload it to My tune.

upload a new number on your Contacts

What happens when you get a brand new range sent to your Messages? urgent the digits launches straight right into a call, however deep urgent it offers you new options. you may now use three-D contact to create a brand new touch or upload a variety of to an existing contacts right from the Messages app.

switch apps with 3-D touch

in preference to double tapping your private home button every time you want to drag up the App Switcher, do this: deep press at the left edge of the display. Your historical past apps will come seamlessly into view. simply one extra introduced functionalities of the brand new 3D contact at the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus.

Siri can do accents now

Apple says Siri is getting smarter, a lot in reality that she will be able to now pull off three specific English accents: American, Australian and British. just a simple desire, virtually, however having an AI spout answers in a British accent simply makes her sound extra well knowledgeable.

proportion area in Maps

You ask your friend to fulfill you at a coffeeshop but there are a few within the town? In Maps you could deep press on an area to fast percentage the precise vicinity of in which you need to meet. you could also deep press at the you-are-right here blue dot to proportion your contemporary location.

send brief replies in Messages

similar to the Messages for Apple Watch app, you could now send short replies for your iPhone 6s. Deep press on a conversation thread to peek into it and pull it up to expose a list of quick replies, like “thanks” or “speak later?” special conversations pull up one of a kind quick replies. For some thing purpose, a number of them handiest have the choice to text returned with “ok.”

allowing 4K video recording

The iPhone 6s can shoot 4K video, however that recording mode is not on by using default. you have to allow it in settings. The 4K films do take up a variety of area in your iPhone (about 375MB in step with minute), however they may be definitely worth it.

View these days taken photographs in digicam

Don’t gradual down your photo-taking rampage. The digital camera app on the iPhone 6s lets you view your lately taken pictures even as still taking new ones. just deep press on the picture thumbnail on the bottom left nook. once you’re performed browsing via your recently taken pics, you’ll move right back to the digicam app so you can preserve snapping away.

prompt Siri together with your voice

permit the brand new “howdy Siri” feature to your settings, and Siri will become voice-activated. just say “good day Siri” every time you’ve got a query. Siri most effective responds to the sound of your voice, so here’s how you could set this up once you enable the characteristic.

Message your maximum latest contacts

need to choose up a verbal exchange with the contact you last texted? The Messages app has all of your favored humans proper at your fingertips. Deep press on the icon to release a short motion to message one of the closing 3 humans you texted.

Peek into some other town’s climate situations

planning a ski journey this weekend? you may peek into climate conditions from any of the cities stored you introduced to the climate app by means of deep urgent on them.

hide local apps

each iPhone person has that hardly ever used folder hidden on a far off domestic screen with titles starting from “Apple Stuff” to “Crap I in no way Use.” With the iPhone 6s you could now disguise a number of the ones native apps out of your display screen, like news, Podcasts, iBooks keep or even Safari for you Chrome die-hards. visit the restrict web page in settings to toggle these apps off your iPhone. Unfortuntely, there’s no manner to do away with stocks or Compass just yet.

less difficult manner to redeem codes in the App store

in case you need to redeem a code from the App save, you have to scroll all of the way down past all the app collections to get to a Redeem Code button. With 3-d touch, however, you could deep press on the App keep app proper on your own home display screen and launch a brief movement for redeeming codes. This trick additionally works in the iTunes save app.

Manually spark off Low energy Mode

Your iPhone 6s will ask you in case you need to enable Low electricity Mode once you get to the closing 20 percentage of battery. however in case you want your iPhone to ultimate longer even when it’s fully charged, you can manually activate Low power Mode in your settings. in the course of Low power Mode, you could’t use “whats up Siri,” background app refresh is grew to become off, and other visual outcomes are disabled to store battery life.


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  1. Suzi Fischer | June 17, 2016 at 8:54 pm | Reply

    How do I keep my iphone6s screen on longer after I unlock it? It only stays on for 15 seconds before I have to tap it to keep it on longer.

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