Add the Email Accounts on iPhone 6s and 6s Plus


It must be remembered that iPhone 6s is supported by multiple IMAP, POP3, and also the exchange accounts. By this, the users are allowed to own the one email address either for work and separate one for home. You can receive all email as simple as add each of account to the iPhone. For those who don’t know the steps of installing the preferred accounts, you can browse the video tutorials as your guide. Below will be explained in detail about the steps you have to follow orderly.

Tips for adding email accounts to the iPhone

From your home screen, you have to touch settings button. After that, scrolling down and select the mail, contacts, and calendars. On the section of account, you can go with add account. Select the email providers from list that are shown off on your screen. You can go with the exchange account which is frequently used by education providers and employers. There is as new name of the hotmail or the windows live account. Others, there is also AOL, Google, and Yahoo. Select the one then tap the add mail account.

On the screen form, you then must enter the email address and the password also. Besides, you probably have to give any information which is required like your name. Tap the Go button on keyboard or the icon of sign in on your screen to know the next process. Once the account is set up, you probably see the series of the ticks that flash up on the screen for showing the information which is accepted or the others important information related to the ways of accessing your email account. Select allow then tap the next for continuing the process.

Automatically, it will move to the next screen with the switches. By this, you are allowed to choose the information about your account which brings you to the new mail, contacts, and also calendars. You can also turn off the switches for the items which you are not expected on the iPhone. Don’t forget to tap save button. If your account fail to add, you can ask the additional details like the setting of incoming mail server.

After the email account has been installed completely, you are allowed to access the email with touching mail icon from the home screen. Those who want to add more than one account; you can see all emails on one inbox by selection the option of all inboxes from the section of mailboxes on mail apps.


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  1. How do I delete emails from my IPHONE 6 without deleting them from my computer server when using the same e-mail account?

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