What is Apple Sapphire Display?


What is Sapphire Display Glass? This is everything you must to know about Apple Sapphire Display. It is the same chemical compound as the aluminium oxide, sapphire jewel, and sapphire is the single crystal form of it. The difference with (sapphire used in gadgets) is it is artificially made, unlike sapphire gemstones which typically come from raw materials. Pure sapphire is actually completely clear. When natural sapphire is hewn from rock its blue colour is actually from impurities.

iPhone 6 Sapphire Display Glass

Sapphire Glass is more expensive than gorilla glass. As relates to price, sapphire is certainly more expensive for Apple to produce because the material has to be melted at a much higher temperature (2027 degrees C / 3761 degrees F) than Quartz (1670 degrees C / 3038 degrees F).

Using sapphire glass for an iPhone 6 display isn’t a ground-breaking concept. The sapphire material is already used in the protective glass covering the iPhone camera, as good as the iPhone 5s home button [for Touch ID]; and luxury brands like Savelli, TAG Heuer and Vertu use sapphire displays in their existing phones.

Depending on the exact formula of chemically reinforced glass, Apple’s sapphire crystal glass has approximately 2.5 or 3 times its strength. Sapphire is ideal for smartphone screens since it’s considered to be extremely durable and scratch resistant. The common belief is that sapphire crystal is more scratch resistant than Gorilla Glass and other materials commonly used in smartphone screens today.

Marques Brownlee posted a video reportedly showing the iPhone 6 sapphire screen being scraped with a knife and bent underneath his shoe without a scratch.

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