Assembling the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus


For those who buy the new iPhone, you will find several items on the package. Those will include an iPhone 6s or 6s which is completed with handset, the information pack with the presence of SIM removal tool which is attached, a cable of lightning USB, the main plug adaptor, and also ear pod with the in line remote. Yet, several contents of the box probably will be variously. Yet, your iPhone will be useless of you don’t know how to use it. By this, you have to assembly those components.

The assembly process for iPhone 6s or 6s Plus

Things that you have to do at the first step are inserting the nano-SIM. By this, you have to locate firstly the SIM removal tool. After that, you have to remove handset from the packages then lift phone tray out along with pack of documents. Open pack then it is attached to inside where there is small metal ring which is completed with the spike on. It is SIM removal tool which used for ejecting SIM card tray.

On the halfway down on right hand side, there will be small pin hole. By this, you have to push SIM removal tool into that hole then the small tray would pop out. Don’t forget to put the nano-SIM into that tray. You have to make sure that it has been correctly oriented with the presence of gold that contacts face down. Slide that back toward your iPhone for completing the process.

Perhaps, you probably need for speaking to the mobile network for getting the PAC code. This is then used for transferring the existing number over to your new nano-SIM card. Make sure that everything is done well. If you find any difficulties to do this installation process, you can browse any video tutorials from internet or magazines. Yet, you can ask the store keepers where you buy your new iPhone.

Unboxing iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

Last but not the least, the unboxing and assembling process of iPhone 6s or 6s plus is ended as the nano-SIM card is oriented correctly. Also, you can see at the box of your iPhone in order to know several instructions for assembling process. But, reading carefully the packages is really important before open the package in order to know the basic information about your products.

By this, although you are the newbie or the first timer of using iPhone 6s, you will not find any difficulties for further usage.


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  1. i have an iPhone 6(s). I think I know where to plug in the battery charger but the charger that came with the phone apparently doesn’t fit…unless I’m doing it wrong

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