Connecting iPhone 6s and 6s Plus To Wi-Fi and Mobile Networks


There are several things that have to be considered when you want to connect the iPhone to the Wi-Fi connection. First things that you have to do are finding out the security key of the network. It is probably on the sticker on back or the base of the router. This is probably referred to the WPA key, WEP key, or the wireless passphrase. For those who are not sure about that, you probably have to check it with people who set up the internet providers or network of yours. After that, you can start the process.

From your home screen, you have to tap settings button then choose Wi-Fi. In this process, you have to make sure that Wi-Fi has been set out in on mode which is usually marked with green. Yet, it is not, you can tap for enabling it. Since the Wi-Fi is on, the iPhone will automatically display and scan the whole available networks. Select the one of yours from list by tapping. As it is prompted, you have to enter the password of wireless. Make sure you have entered the correct arrangements of passwords then select Join button.

After it is connected to particular network, the screen will show the blue tick on the name of particular network that you have chosen. Also, the Wi-Fi symbol would appear next to the name of network on top line of display. Whenever the iPhone is on range of particular network as well as the Wi-Fi has been turned on, this will automatically connect. Due to the possibilities of numerous available Wi-Fi, you have to select the one which has strongest signal to load in. It will ease you to do some browsing or installation or downloading process of particular apps.

Last but not the least, there is also possibilities if the available network can make your iPhone getting risk of viruses or any Trojans. By this, you better install and run the anti-virus app to the iPhone to protect it from any risk of viruses and others threat. Since there are numerous choices of anti-viruses, select the one which can cover all your activities on the iPhone. It means although you do gaming, browsing, or others, you just need to install one product of anti-viruses. Read the reviews firstly before choosing the one. Luckily, most of anti-viruses apps can be downloaded completely free without required regular payments.


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