Disable the shake to undo iOS’ feature



Making a mistake when type something on your iPhone? Usually we spend about five minutes to correct a mistake when typing in iPhone just to drag the finder to the right letter. Want to reduce the time? Used “shake to undo” to remove your latest entry. Using this, correcting just need a few second. But this “shake to undo” would accidentally trigger when we save the phone on our pocket, or when we walk, so, we have to disable it for a while.

Now, how to disable the “shake to undo” feature on iOS
Follow these steps then the “shake to undo” will disable in no time. Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> and disabling Shake to Undo.
Shake to undo is ON by default, as a user, you need to disable it manually.

“Shake to Undo” is a helpful feature. But sometimes this feature is quite annoying when it is accidentally triggered


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