Everything You Need To Know About Apple iOS 10


Apple has officially said that they will release the newest OS of their product and it is called as iOS 10. The occurring of iOS 10 can be one of the greatest news for the users of Apple. We all know that OS will influence the performance of the device and the new OS will give the better performance with its new features. In this occasion, we will talk about some details of Apple iOS 10, especially when you want to know more about its detail. Then, what is the new coming of this iOS? We will directly tell about it below.


iOS 10 released date

It will be something nice knowing the released date of iOS 10. Well, when we know the exact time of its releasing date, we will prepare to welcome it. In this case, the expert predicts that the occurring of this newest OS of Apple’s product is in the fall of 2016 or it is around September. How can it happen? Well, it is because Apple is like having a tradition in releasing their new product. When we observe, we will see that Apple releases more of their product in the fall.

Compatibility of iOS 10

Can I get iOS 10 on my device? Well, it is one of the common question coming from the older users of Apple’s product. The safest way when you want to sense the greatness of iOS 10 is buy buying the new product of Apple. I am sure that the new product of Apple will use iOS 10 as the default OS there. However, sometimes people still want to use their old smartphone because of some reasons. By this fact, it will be nice for you to know the compatibility of iOS 10.

The vendor has announced that iOS 10 cannot be used for some old previous products, such as iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and iPod touch in 5th generation. Then, the other kind of previous products of Apple such as iPhone 5, iPad 3 and iPod touch in 6th generation. How can it happen? Well, it is because the detail specs of the product will influence the whole performance of it. The older version of Apple’s product only has 512MB in RAM, so it cannot run the iOS 10 as the newer OS. In other hand, the younger generation has 1GB and 2GB in RAM memory and the vendor says it will be smooth to run iOS 10, as the default OS. Now, you can back to check the detail specs of your device. When your device has the need of the requirement, you can update your OS and get the 10th version.

New features of iOS 10

The occurring of iOS 10 will provide some kinds of the new features for the users. It will be nice knowing the kinds of the new features of iOS 10, in order to get the better performance of the device. Here, in this writing, we also will try explaining some kinds of the new features inside iOS 10, which will accompany you in accessing your smartphone. See some detail of it below.

Smarter lock screen

One of the nice improvement of iOS 10, which will pleasant the users, is the smarter lock screen. In the iOS 10, users now will be able to view the lock screen by picking up the device. It is same with the action notification in 3D touch. Although it is not one of the big changes of the Apple’s product, it will give the new sense and experience in your operation.

3D touch and widget

As I have said before, 3D touch becomes one of the great change of iOS 10 and it will give the easier access for the users. Here, users are able to know some kinds of the key information without entering the exact apps inside their device. See, how great it is!


SIRI is one of the nice development here, especially when you want to have the voice talk in chatting. We all know that some kinds of app has this feature, but SIRI make its greater. This feature is compatible with some kinds of third-party developer, such as Uber, WhatsApp, Skype and others. However, user should learn more about SIRI in order to use it maximally.


Several new features are applied in the field of photo, which will make your device looks more special. Here, the experts predict that inside iOS 10, user will have more complete feature about photo, such as the new facial and the location detection capabilities. In other hand, here user also will have the more powerful search and a great new tab named memories. The combination here will be something great, especially when you want to throw back to your past memory.


The new detail is applied inside the maps feature. We all know that maps feature is nice in order to help you finding the location when you want to go somewhere. In this case, the developer says that they will use maps API inside the iOS 10, which will give the smarter use and more open app. Here, the maps will be nice to lead you finding the location with the smarter detail and it is also great when you want to look for some facilities, such as restaurant.

The maps inside iOS 10 is also better with the improvement navigation and traffic alert. Really, by the new improvement inside the maps, I am sure that you will have the more interesting journey in your activity.

New home look

The look of home screen is developed well. There are several kinds of the new design, such as the new icon, the new arrangement, the new combination in color and others, which will provide the more beautiful home screen. In other hand, there is a control center feature here, and you can access it although you are in the lock screen position.


iOS 10 bring you to have more interesting messaging. We all know that this feature is one of the most important thing there. Here, messaging feature is one of the target of overhaul from the vendor. Several kinds of the developments are applied here, which will give the new experience in texting. The bubbles look will increase the aesthetic look of its design and the send quick response will make the conversation easier. Then, how about the emoji and animation? The new design of the animation is applied there to color your conversation. In other hand, there are bigger emoji, which will be easier to be inserted.

Apple music

New concept of Apple music is inserted to the iOS 10. It will be something great, especially for those who want to have the better effect of sound when they are listening to the music. In overall, the concept of it is similar with the previous version. However, the better tech inside this newer version will give a better result in sound effect. Then, what make this Apple music special is the easiness to see the lyric of the song in your display.

Well, based on the explanation above, we all know that there are several kinds of the new features inside iOS 10, which can be the great reason why you need to grab it fast. However, the explanation as above is not the final. It means that there are several other kinds of the new feature of iOS 10, which you need to know. Please be an active reader to find another interesting news about it.

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