First Time Set Up iPhone 6s and 6s Plus


The setting process of iPhone 6s can be started as you have made sure that the SIM has been inserted to the phone. By this, you don’t have to connect the new iPhone to the computer but you are only required to own the available internet connection for the activation process. However, you are allowed to go back one page on setup screen by choosing back arrow on top left hand corner of the screen. For moving forward to next screen, you can the button next on top right hand corner.

The process of setting for iPhone 6s and 6s plus

First and foremost, you have to complete the setup wizard of iPhone 6s and 6s plus. By this, you can go by pressing power button on right hand on the iPhone for tuning it on. You probably have to hold that in a couple of second or until the vibration is felt. It indicates that your iPhone can be started up. After that, you have to swipe across your screen for beginning setup wizard. Select the language and the country. You have to connect the iPhone to internet for activation. By this, you can search for the available Wi-Fi.

The next step for setup wizard is entering the password then tap Join button. The tick would show whether you have connected or not. The Wi-Fi symbols will appear on notification bar at top of screen. Also, your iPhone would activate toward the Apple automatically.Once it is completed, there will be next screen that will appear. It probably takes some minutes. Choose the location services since it will help you with several apps including weather apps, mapping, and others apps which can help your current position.

Then, you will be asked also about the setting up of touch ID. This is the apps from Apple using the fingerprint recognition system. It will allow you for using the fingerprint as the password. By this, you have to place the finger on home button but don’t press it. The next screen will guide the users for further process. For securing system, you will be asked about the password. There are several types of passwords you can choose including numeric code, alphanumeric code, and four-digit numeric code.

After enter the password, you have to confirm it again. After that, you will then be asked about the apps and data. For those who have used iPhone then want to upgrade to the 6s, you are allowed for restoring all apps and data easily and quickly from iCloud or iTunes backup from your screen. On the other hands, those who use iPhone at the first time you can set it as new. However, those who want to move from Android to the iPhone, you can transfer the data by selecting several options on the next screen on your phone.


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