Fix iOS 8 Wifi Connectivity Problems (Updated)


Are you having problems after upgrading to iOS 8.0.2 and want to know How to Fix iOS 8 Wifi Connectivity Problems iOS 8 on  iPhone 6? Please follow this iPhone 6 user guide article. Lot of Apple iOS 8 users complain with battery and wifi problems, slow wifi connection and drain battery on iPhone 6. After Apple released latest iOS 8 version there till lot of bugs, one of the biggest bug is wifi connection, but don’t worry, we have simple tricks how to fix wifi connection on iPhone 6.

Fix iOS 8 Wifi Connection Issues

Solution: Switched to Static IP (please share if this working)

Fix 1. Reset iOS 8 Networking Settings

Reset network setting is best step to resolving many network performance issues and wi-fi related problems that pop up with iOS 8 on iPhone 6, it dumps all settings, caches, DHCP info, and any other settings or custom data that has been set on the iPhone.

To reset your iPhone 6 Network Settings: open Settings App > then to Reset and tap Reset Network Settings

Reset network setting iOS image

This will force the device to reboot, and it also dumps any wi-fi passwords you have stored, so be ready to enter those again.

Fix 2. Turn Off Wi-Fi System Service Setting

It’s did nothing for you when you resetting network settings, you may want to experiment with toggling off a wi-fi system setting. Our team have had a positive impact by disabling this setting.

How to Turn Off Wi-Fi System Service Setting: Open the Settings app > Privacy > Location Services  find System Services then toggle off Wi-Fi Networking (This does NOT turn off wireless networking in iOS)

Turn Off Wi-Fi System Service Setting

Then try and join the network again to test is your wifi connection problem fixed.

Fix iPhone 6 Battery Drain on iOS 8

To find out which apps are draining your battery life, visit Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage and close or uninstall energy-sucking apps you don’t need or use, this step will fix your Fix Battery Drain issue on your iOS 8 iPhone 6.


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  1. Switched my iPhone 6 to Static IP and it work.

  2. Upgraded my iPhone 6plus to OS9.2.1 now the wifi is not working. please assist

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