How to get an amazing photo of Live Photos on iPhone 6S, 6S Plus


We still discuss the same topic, it’s live photos. In previous article we have discussed about how to disable live photos. Now, we will discuss about how to get an amazing photos with live photos.

Here are some tips to help you get the shot you wish with Live Photos.

First: you are taking a photo. Do not approach it solely as a short video; doing so will give you a blurry photo as the result. Note for you, when you share a Live Photo the first thing people see is the actual picture. Use a tripod to avoid shaky video if possible. Try to shoot objects that lend themselves to a bit of motion. Live photos with subtle movement will have the best result.

The most important thing is, remember to keep your phone in place until the “Live” indicator disappears. When the “live” indicator is on, your phone is recording video as part of the Live Photo. Next, Apple will update the software so iOS use the iPhone’s accelerometer to detect when a phone is moved and stop recording automatically.


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