How to hide multiple photos in your iOS 9 device


We can deny that sometimes we have some terrible photos, and we want to keep it as “secret”, instead of delete those photos we choose to hide it just in case we need it in the other day. In iOS 8, hiding multiple photos maybe will take a lot of time, but in iOS 9, we can hide multiple photos in one move.

How to hide multiple photos in iOS 9 device?

No matter what reason you use to hide your photos, the way to hide them is just the same with others.

Step 1.
Open up the photos application on your iOS 9 device and choose Album.

Step 2.
Select numerous photos inside the album, you can tap and hold on a photo and drag to select more. Also you can tap each photo individually. After your photos are selected, tap the Share icon followed by the Hide icon.

Step 3
After you tap on Hide Photos, the selected photos will hidden from Moments, Collections, and Years, but still visible in Albums.

Or you can try this one to hide photos, choose the Photos tab, again select the photos you want to hide, and tap the Share icon, followed by the Hide icon.

Because those images you want to hide are inside of Photos once you confirm hiding the photos those images will be dissapeared.

How to hide individual Photos in iOS 9 device?

Step 1.
Open the Photos application, select Album or Photos (choose on of them) and find the location that contains the image(s) you want to hide.

Step 2.
After selected the images, you have to tap on the Share icon in the bottom left corner. A menu will appear once you tap the share icon, this menu guide you where you choose to Hide the image. The photo that you have selected will have the blue check mark, click hide photo, and you are done.

Where are the hidden photos go? Apple hides them in the album named hidden. To unhide the hidden photos, just do the same steps, select photos, tap share, and tap unhide icon


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