How to organize Notifications by app in iOS 9


Group By App

For you who use iOS9, you probably noticed the new Notifications section in the Settings app. Here, you can change the order of your notifications, not only having them appear by time received. You can organize your notifications by group, to organize your notifications by group all you need is enable Group By App. You can go to Settings -> Notifications and slide the slider for Group By App. After you set it up, if a new notification comes in, it will go into its corresponding group. The most recently received message will appear at the top in its group although that group contains another older message (see the image below)


Group Manually

As the alternative way you can manage your app notifications Manually by following these steps go to Settings -> Notifications and in the Sort Order tab, select Manual. Having application with notifications? You can drag and drop the apps into the best order. The higher you drag the app, the higher the notification will appear in the Notification center. (See the image below)



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