How to Prevent iPhone Cord Cables from Breaking


Broken charging cable is actually a common problem for many smartphone. It means that you are not the only one who has this kind of sucks problem. Though it is not impossible for your iPhone cables last forever if you really want them to. Here we are about to share tips and tricks of How to prevent iPhone cord from breaking or bending. There are multiple ways that you can preserve your collection of iPhone charging cables.



There are simple methods such as wrapping them carefully every time you’re done with them, and even ways to reinforce the cables with various materials so that they won’t break in the first place. Here are some tips that you may prove useful to you if you’re sick of your iPhone cord cables constantly breaking.

Wrap the cables correctly

Mostly the iPhone cable breaking come up with mostly users don’t properly take care of the cable in the first place, and it commonly has to do with how they wrap the cable. More likely than not, people possibly wind the cable harshly around their hands and then toss it into their bag. It turns out that wrapping the iPhone cable around something can cause a lot of kinks in the cable, which can slowly degrade the wires on the inside. Technically, the way charging cables come wrapped in packaging before you even open it up isn’t the best way to wrap cables, so don’t do it like the manufacturers.

The best way for you to wrap the cable for storage is to loop it around several times and have it create a circle when it’s all done. This is called “coil wrapping” and it’s the best possible way to wrap a cable, as it won’t create kinks or sharp bends in the cable. The above video does a great job of demonstrating the coil wrap.

Don’t create sharp bends

Sharp bends not only important thing to avoid cables breaking when you are wrapping them, but also when you are using them. Don’t make sharp bends in your iPhone cables, because that’s how you can ruin the wires on the inside. Especially don’t create sharp bends near where the connector is. That area where the connector ends and the cable starts is extremely fragile, and with enough action, it can eventually kink and split open, exposing the wires within. Usually the cable won’t work after that, but even if it did work, it would be a huge safety hazard anyway. That’s why next time you go to plug in your iPhone charger into the wall behind a couch or other piece of furniture, be aware that making a sharp bend in the cable is never a good idea.

Buy Reinforced Cables

This trick is important for you if  you don’t want to go out of your way taking care of your iPhone cables using the two previous simple tricks above: buy reinforced cables. Reinforced cables are cables that essentially come with some sort of reinforced wrapping  over the cable that prevents it from kinking up and eventually breaking open. You can find this reinforced cables in some brands so you can choose the suites you.

Reinforce iPhone Cables Yourself

This trick can be a good solution if the reinfored cables aren’t at your price point, so you can do it by yourself. You can reinfore your iPhone cables with different materials you can choose.

The first option is using small springs from writing pens and wrapping them onto the ends of your cables. This technique can prevent the cables for making sharp bends in the first place. The next material you can choose to reinforce the cables is shrink tubing on the ends as well. Probably it isn’t the most continent option since you don’t have shrink tube lying around.

That’s all we can share about How to prevent iPhone charging cord from breaking. Hopefully what we share here is quite helpful for you. If you have any other idea to reinforce iPhone cables, we’d be so glad to have your idea here so that we can improve this tips.


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