How to save or attach any file in the Mail app in iOS 9


There were so much requested features for years about the abilty to attach files in the mail app. And now, to make it come true Apple finally brings it in iOS 9. Now you can attach files from iCloud and save attachment to iCloud as well.

In the previous iOS versions, we have to do some unimportant steps just to attach files in Mail. But now, those unimportant steps are finally gone.

How to save attachments in the Mail app

Step. 1
Open up the Mail app and find an email with an attachment.

Step 2.
If the attachment is not downloaded, you can download it by tapping the download icon.

Step 3.
Open up the share sheet by tapping and holding the attachment.

Step 4.
Swipe until you see the Save Attachment icon in the share sheet. Tap the icon and you will directly go to iCloud Drive. Select where you want to save the file and tap Move to the location you choose.

Do you have Google Drive, Dropbox or another supported application? There is an option to select Locations in the top left of the iCloud Drive screen.

How to Add Attachments in the Mail app

Step 1.

Compose a message and tap and hold on an empty area and the pop-up menu will appear. Swipe until you see Add Attachment.

Step 2.
After select Add Attachment you will directly go to iCloud Drive.

Add attachment in google drive, dropbox etc is just the same steps with saving attachments, you can select Locations in the top left to select a file from another source.

Step 3.
Select your file and imthe file will directly added to your message.

Step 4.
Send your message. And you’re done


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