How to shuffle songs in the Music app in iOS 9



Apple Music has become my favorite application for playing music, so it will be nice if I can shuffle my music list in easy way. In iOS 8.4, to shuffle all the music on their list users had to find a song from their Library, play that song first. That is quite annoying for me.

But a good news is coming for me, in iOS 9, those unimportant steps are dissapear. Now all I have to do is just select a song from my Library tab, and pull down the screen to unveil the Shuffle button. That’s it, it feels like paradise is on my hand!

But you can find the shuffle button in another location too if you pull down the screen. You can find it in Artists, Albums, Songs, Genres, Composers, and Compilations. You can choose these different categories, tap on the section name, near the middle of the section screen


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