How to take a screenshot on your iPhone


Screenshots from your iPhone are quite good to share anything and everything you see on your screen. Although the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus moved the sleep/wake button to a new location, but taking a screenshot on iPhone is still so easy.

How to take a screenshot on iPhone

First, decide what you want to screenshot (it can be everything, right?). After that press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and click the Home button. (This step is to ensure you, that you don’t activate Touch ID or Siri accidentally while trying to take your screenshot.)

The screen will flash white, after you hear a camera sound, your screenshot will be saved to your All Photos album (or Camera Roll if you’re not using iCloud Photo Library).

To find your screenshot that you took you can open the Photos app from your Home screen and scroll down to the bottom to find it.

Tap to view, favorite, edit, or share your screenshot.

If you want to attach your screenshot into texts, mail etc in messages and mail by tapping the camera icon or using the edit menu in messages or mail.


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  1. iPhone 6 – want to restrict updating email only when wi-fi is available.

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