How to use 3D Touch on the iPhone 6S, 6S Plus


Before we start the tutorial, first I suggest all of you to read “Introducing 3D Touch on the iPhone 6S, 6S Plus”,  so you can more understand about the 3D touch app.

In current version of iOS 9, it identifies information such as package tracking numbers, flight numbers, dates, times and links. When iOS 9 has identified the information it can provide a preview for, it shown with underlined text. Using 3D Touch you can peek at the information, without tap and launch the proper app or open another screen.

Below is a list of the various actions you can take by using 3D

In Messages you can Peek on a message thread to preview new message, while sliding up the Peek offering quick replies. By pressing on a contact’s photo on the message list will bring up shortcuts to send an email or place a FaceTime call. Press a link in Safari, a preview of the page will appear. Slide the preview up for a list of actions (open it in new tab, copy or add to reading list).

Maps — You can press on a pin or location for directions, option to call, open homepage, or share location.
With the Recents or Favorites tab open in the Phone app, press on a phone number or contact will show you a list of actions you can take on the number. You can find the same shortcut in Contacts and FaceTime.
Peek in The Music app can preview an album or playlist’s track listing. Sliding the preview up and you can add or remove album or playlist’s track listing from your music, play or shuffle.

Peek at mail will let you open a message without opening it. If the Peek active, you can mark the message as read or delete it by sliding the message to the left or right. A swipe up showed shortcuts to other quick actions such as reply and forward.In the Reminders app for a list of actions you can take on the item. Edit time and “Remind me at location” are two common options.

At a Calendar entry, peek will give you a preview of the event, and you can delete it by sliding it up.
When you see recent pictures in the Photos app, you can get a bigger look with Peek. You can copy, share, favorite or delete the photo by sliding it up.

The Notes app will let you Peek at a note, you can share, move or delete the notes by sliding it up. Peek has the same function with notes in iBooks and News.Peek at a contact in Find My Friends to view current location, you can get directions, set your notification preferences when you or your contact change locations by sliding it up.

Additional 3D Touch uses

The pressure-sensitive screen and 3D touch  offer the ability to draw with your finger or stylus and on a 3D Touch-equipped iPhone, you can change the look and feel of the lines using pressure.

Additionally, you can activate the multitasking view instead of double-clicking the home button by pressing on the left side of the screen.


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  1. No where have I seen any instructions available online, suggestions like the above recommendation yes. Do I have to go to barnes to buy a book? – also why is this font so faint of gray on a white background so it is near invisible?

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