How to use the flight tracking feature in iOS 9 device


There is a new feature for iOS 9 that maybe you don’t know if this feature is exist. This feature cab track your flight, in real-time. Cool, right?

Now, only by clicking a flight number and your Apple device will show you the flight track. For now flight numbers are recognized in Messages, Mail, Notes, and Reminders.

How to use the flight tracking feature in iOS 9 device

If you get a Messages, Mail, Notes, or Reminders that contain a flight number and airline identifier, you can tap and hold or right-click to view the flight tracker and map.

This new feature will work with flights in transit as well as flights that have already arrived.

Step 1.
For example, I copied a flight number into my Notes app on my iPhone version iOS 9. The text look like this Delta#2185 or DL2182 or Delta2185. The system needs to be able to decipher what airline and flight you are looking at.

Step 2.
Tape Done and the text will change from black to gold.

Step 3.
In the pop-up window, select Preview Flight. A small map with flight details below will be shown. The Map is zoomable, movable, and touch sensitive on mobile devices.

A flight that is currently in the air when i write this, here you can see adjusted arrival times and the plane’s current location. Unfortunately apple didn’t formally introduced this feature while flight tracker is a quite helpful apps for us who love travelling


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