How to use the Nearby feature in Apple Maps app on your iOS9


Maps app is an application that really helpful for you who love travelling. Now we will guide you how to use the Nearby feature in Apple Maps. This feature helps you find the best locations around. It can help you to find some places around you in some categories such as, Food, Entertainment, Shopping, and numerous sub-categories. Nearby was made to be the best digital tour guide on the market.

How to use the Nearby feature in the apple Maps app in iOS 9. Take a look on your iPhone’s home screen, on the left of the home screen it has proactive search there you can access Nearby or you can open up Maps and tapping inside the search bar. These two methods will show you the Nearby by icons. (See the image below)


After you access the nearby, you can choose what categories you want to search. For me,  since I enjoy entertainment, let’s see what kind of entertainment around me. Tap the Fun icon in the Nearby section. (See the image below)


By tapping on Fun, nearby will give you a whole other menu that has a bunch of sub-categories we can choose. Below the Nearby icons, Apple Maps has already made a list of popular locations in the Popular Nearby section. You only have choose which option you want to take, stick with the categories that nearby gives you or exploring the sub categories.

In the Nearby section select an option or tap the X to go back to the main Nearby section. Once you select an option the Map will reveal pins of the locations listed below. (See the image below)


You can scroll to see the or hide the list to reveal the full-length map. When you already make a decision on a place you want to go, tap it from the list and that Pin will open its tab.

To reveal more detail information you can tap on the name of the location (the white section). Or tap on the directions (blue section) to begin your trip if you think you don’t need any informations. (See the image below)


Nearby is really useful for you who love travelling and want to know good places around you. It really easy to use and you enable it anytime


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