Importing Contacts on iPhone 6s


For the old handset who has been set of using the iCloud, use the similar Apple ID on the iPhone can bring the calendar, contacts, and also others data which straight across to the new phone without requiring further actions. However, for those who haven’t yet the iCloud, you have to configure it firstly. Make sure that there is SIM card that work on your iPhone. If it is not, you can connect it to the Wi-Fi network. By this, you can copy the whole data from the handset to the iCloud.

The steps of importing the contacts from iPhone

There are several things that you have to do orderly to import the contacts. From your old iPhone, you have to locate then select setting button. Scroll down and choose the iCloud. If you have seen your own address on top line, it indicates that you have been signed to the iCloud. If it is not, you can sign by using similar Apple ID which has been used on the new iPhone. After that, turn the contacts on and choose the options of merge your data with iCloud. It would upload the whole contacts to the iCloud.

Importing contacts from Android phone

Commonly, the android handset is completed with the ability for exporting the contacts to the vCard file. The particular type of the file that iCloud can manage and also absorb. After the contacts are in iCloud, you have to wait several minutes to accomplishing the process of synchronization to the iPhone. If the contact is not on Google account on old android phone, you have to do several things. Tap the contact icon, select menu key, then import or export.

After the contacts have been transformed to the Google account, then you have to sign in to your account. Press more at top of list of the contacts then choose export. You have to ensure that the whole contacts are ticked and also the vCard format. Press the export for downloading the contacts. Visit the website of iCloud and sign in with the Apple ID and password required. Click contacts square for seeing the lists of the whole contacts which is residing currently on the address book of iCloud. Select setting icon which is placed at bottom left corner on contacts page. On screen, you can select import vCard button then browse to the download folder. After picking the vCard for importing, you have to press OK. Here, all of the contacts will begin to appear on iCloud.


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