Introducing 3D Touch on the iPhone 6S, 6S Plus


3D touch, is an app which in essence, turns your phone’s entire screen into one, big, pressure-sensitive button.

Here are the basic interaction methods for 3D Touch you have to know to get started with the new feature.

Quick action

When you press on an app’s icon, the app’s quick action menu will be shown. For Apple’s Music app, it includes a shortcut to Beats 1 or searching Apple Music. The Messages app displays three contacts you like to message. Instagram gives you the option to make a new post, view activity, search or open your direct message inbox.

Almost all of Apple’s own apps have quick actions enabled, with third-party developers beginning to release updates to enable the feature. But you have to remember after installing an app update that includes quick actions, you need to launch the app first before the actions work. After that initial launch, quick actions will active.

When an app doesn’t have a quick action, several gentle vibrations will be felt on your finger, it indicates that quick actions are not supported.

Peek and Pop

Peek and Pop will give you access to get more done on any screen.

Developers have some different options for implementing Peek and Pop. For example, in the Messages app, where by light-pressing on a message thread your device will show you a small preview of the conversation. Peek works when you open the messages without actually opening it (and marking the message as read). You can swipe up when peeking into a conversation, it reveals a list of actions such as custom text replies. You can also peek at emails in the Mail app.

The “peek” app will keep active as long as your finger still on the screen; the peek will automatically close  when you take your fingers off from the screen.

The “Pop” works if you press harder on the screen when previewing a message or viewing content. A deep-press will open the whole content you are viewing, allow you to interact with it.

You can peek at URLs, flight numbers, dates on your calendar and a long list of other bits of information presented on your screen too. If a message has text underlined, odds are iOS it identifies that message you can preview by using Peek and Pop.

Text selection

Using 3D Touch, you can convert the keyboard on the new iPhone into a trackpad to move the text cursor or select the text. A light-press will activate the trackpad feature, allows you to move the cursor, it only by dragging your finger across the screen. A deep-press will begin highlighting text.

Those are the basics of 3D touch, stay tune to know more about 3D touch.


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  1. How can I get rid of “Null” that shows up in front of my name when sending emails?

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