iOS 8 in iPhone 6 Short Preview


iOS 8 in iPhone 6 is coming – The beauty of iOS is no doubt. In the iOS 8, you will see more than just the beautiful user interface. It looks simpler and lightweight now. The color is beautiful. With the flat design, iOS 8 looks more modern and easy to look. But the good thing about iOS 8 is not just about the look. Deep inside it, there are the smarter technology inside iOS 8.

Siri is coming with the better algorithm, you can read the news here. It becomes smarter and allows you to get more control to your iPhone 6. Now, Siri can be used to control the devices in the home too. Even it can use the health and fitness apps to communicate to the doctor too. It also equipped with Touch ID. This feature will improve the smartphone’s security. It allows the users to protect their phone with fingerprint technology. Touch ID can also be used for Apple Pay authentication. Before make any payment, this technology will check the user and make sure you are the user.

What will iOS 8 look like on the new iPhone 6 4.7″ or 5.5″ hardware? Watch the iOS 8 preview video below

iOS 8 Preview

The huge app ecosystem is the other benefit from iOS. But now, there are over one million apps in the App Store. It means you can get any apps you need. More than it, iPhone 6 becomes more connected to the Mac and the other iOS device.


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  1. Roberta Gioffre | September 7, 2015 at 3:42 am | Reply

    I am trying to set up a photo from my photo album as my cover wallpaper and I cannot make the entire photo fit the screen. How can I make the entire photo fit?

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