iPhone 6 New Features


Here is some iPhone 6 new features list that can make you exited when using this phone. The veil that covers the iPhone 6 is now open. The beautiful design still maintained in this iPhone generation. But deep inside it, iPhone 6 also has the great features. The new iOS offers the better user experience and the smarter software. It also appears in the better and the minimalist look. But more than it, it also equipped with the better security features.

iPhone 6 features

The higher display the higher screen resolution, this is the first thing that you will recognize. The new Retina HD display will show you more than just the better graphic. It will show any pictures in the better detail and the rich color. Take a look to the iPhone 6 Features and you will see one more interesting feature. That feature is Touch ID and Apple Pay. Touch ID allows you to secure the phone with the perfect password. You can also use it to approve purchase from App Store, iTunes and iBooks. And with Apple Pay, shopping will never be easy than this. This feature allows the users to pay faster only with iPhone 6.

The new iOS also equipped with many features such as health features, family sharing, the better iCloud drive, the better notification and the smarter Siri. All of these can be found in iOS 8.

iPhone 6 new features list:

  • Interactive Notifications

The iPhone 6 app notifications are actionable. It will make users to remain focused on the task they are working on, because you’ll be able to take actions on text, email, Facebook notifications or reminders without having to open the respective app.

iOS 8 iphone 6 notification


  • New Messages App

The new Messages app in iPhone 6 brings the ability to connect with your family and friends with just a swipe. Share photos and videos within Messages app. It also allows you to compose a message with audio reply using the Tap to Talk feature. If you like, you can also share your current location via iPhone 6 Massages App.

iOs 8 iPhone 6 Messages app


  • HealthKit

Healthbook can monitor and store crucial fitness data including miles walked, hydration level, heart rate, glucose levels, blood pressure and calories burned. The app can also will remind them when it’s time to take the pills when users enter details about their medications. HealthKit has clear overview on one easy-to-use dashboard, HealthKit feature will collect your fitness information from various fitness devices (FuelBand, FitBit) and health apps, and provide a consolidated.

iOS 8 iPhone 6 HealthKit

  • HomeKit

HomeKit is an Apple’s home automation framework in iOS 8 for communicating with and controlling connected accessories in a user’s home. With HomeKit, our iPhones will have a rational way to communicate with, configure, and control “the internet of things” around us, including connected security systems, lights, appliances, speakers, and many more. Apps can enable users to discover HomeKit accessories in their home and configure them. Both remotely when you’re away and locally when you’re home, through apps and through Apple’s virtual personal assistant (Siri)

iOs 8 iPhone 6 HomeKit

  • Third-party keyboards Support

The brand new iPhone will support third-party keyboards. Moreover, the corporation has introduced predictive typing because of its QuickType keyboard. This predictive typing is more personalized and takes context into account like who the recipient is.

iOs 8 iPhone 6 third party keyboard

  • Family Sharing

Family Sharing allows as much as six members of a household to express the one another’s iTunes, iBooks and App Store purchases. When you purchase a whole new app, movie or song, everyone will get to express it, each using own Apple ID. Additionally, it lets you share location, family photos and children calendar.

iOS 8 iPhone 6 Family Sharing

  • Improved Mail App & Safari Browser

Safari browser in iPhone 6 supplies a Tab take on iPad. The browser also offers a fresh Sidebar that slides in the market to show Bookmarks, Shared Links and Reading List. The Mail app has gesture support to flag emails or mark them as read. It recognizes a flight reservation, telephone number or confirmation inside the email.


  • iCloud Drive

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is all set to challenge Dropbox and Google Drive. The new iOS on this phone brings iCloud Drive, that allows users to edit, access or hold any sort of document. The updated document will be available on all devices such as the iOS, Mac OS, Windows or on iCloud.com. And also you may make adjustments to a document through any of your devices.


  • Better Spotlight search

Now Spotlight is more intelligent than in the past. It gives you suggestions from iTunes Store, places nearby, trending news, Wikipedia entries and others. To enhance search engine result spotlight can recognize the context and site.

iOS 8 Spotlight iPhone 6

  • New Photos App

The new iPhone 6 photo app makes it easier to rediscover your chosen photos. Photos and latest edits is going to be consistent and viewable on your entire devices, because with this app-every photo, every album each edit will probably be kept in the iCloud Photo Library.


That is some iPhone 6 new features, we hope you enjoy and lets discus in comment box.


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  1. I want to change the number of rings on my phone before it goes to voice mail & cannot find how to do it. Can anyone help me?

  2. How do I install the Google app?

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