Lock Screen for Securing the iPhone 6s


For those who want to make the iPhone 6s as private belonging, you probably need the security system in order to prevent others people use and see your private files. Luckily, iPhone 6s is completed with security system which allow the users to manage it since there are the options between custom alphanumeric code that the passwords use the numbers and letters, the custom numeric code for the password with numbers only but the digits depends on your preferences, and 4-digit numeric code as the best old fashioned PIN. Pick the one of those options then you have to set by doing several steps which will be explained as follow.

The steps of lock screen for securing iPhone

Tap the setting icon and scroll down for tapping the touch ID and password. On this menu, tap blue link for turn the password on. The setting of default password is custom alphanumeric code. This is the complex password which contains numbers and letters. Also, the users can change it by tap the password options. Tap the chosen password option for selecting it. Enter the password. For example, you can enter 4-digit yet the long password can be set on same ways. As you tap fourth digit, a screen of your iPhone will automatically advance.

The users have to re-enter the password for confirm it. If the password doesn’t match with the previous one, the users will be returned to first password on the entry screen where they can start over. After the password has been entered two times, the users will probably return to the password menu. Last thing that have to decide is the times you need for entering the password. Yet, most people can do it quickly which is frequently balance between the security and usability. By this, you have to that the require password.

Don’t forget to choose the timeout from list on screen by selecting interval that you want to set. There will tick that will appear on line. As you have completed the setting, you can tap back at top left hand corner. The users are also allowed for accessing particular elements on the iPhone 6s as screen is locked. There will be switches for allowing the access toward notification, SIRI, and others part of the operating system. Choose any of those for enabling them. As it is on, the switches will be on green. Last but not the least; you can enjoy your phone happily.


4 Comments on "Lock Screen for Securing the iPhone 6s"

  1. Patricia Maths | December 22, 2015 at 5:23 pm | Reply

    recently updated my iphone 6s. entered password and thumb print – this morning it WILL NOT allow my thumbprint and WILL NOT accept my code It has locked me out pls advise how to get in and then get this off my phone

    • ANNETJIE MEYER | July 9, 2016 at 6:56 am | Reply

      it will not take my thumb print and my pass code is longer than the normal 4 digits it used to be it bnow says “iphone is disabled”PLEASE HELP AS I CANNOT GET INTO MY PHONE AT ALL

    • Denise Hopkins | November 9, 2016 at 6:03 am | Reply

      Same thing has happened to me right now ??

  2. Denise Hopkins | November 9, 2016 at 6:05 am | Reply

    I cannot use my Iphone 6 s as It has locked me out . It won’t accept finger print all of a sudden and the passcode

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