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Your new iPhone 6 will be your perfect phone if you know how to use it maximally. To make it possible, you will need to know more about all apps and services in your iPhone6. Find out every detail to enable you take advantages as much as you can from your iPhone. To make it easier for you to explore more advantages of your iPhone, we are here to share TIPS TO GET THE MOST FROM YOUR IPHONE 6 to help you.

One handed operation

No one will deny the fact that the new iPhone 6 has a beautiful and big colour screen which can be a great thing when you are watching videos, playing games, or other functions related with display resolution. But this good thing gives you certain difficulties when it comes to using the handset, especially when you want to access apps or menu items near the top of the screen. To solve this, Apple have devised an ingenious solution to help you reach the items at the top of the screen and bring them closer to your thumb. You can do it by touching the home button twice in quick succession, but tap it, don’t press it. This action will bring the upper rows of icons and menu items within easy reach. To restore the view to normal you can tap the home button again.

Hey Siri

Siri is Apple’s voice-controlled personal assistant. It becomes more powerful with iOS 8, including an entirely hands-free mode that allows you to ask questions and accomplish tasks by simply first saying the words Hey Siri. You can also wake your iPhone while it’s charging (and only when it’s charging) by declaiming, Hey Siri and waiting for the familiar beeps.

Now Siri has finally come with the ability to launch the voice-control system without having to long-press the home button. You can control your phone with just your voice just by eabling Hey Siri. When you are listening to music and you want to raise the volume without touching your phone, you can declaim Hey Siri and comment your phone to decrease the volume. iPhone 6 really spoils you with this ingenious idea. To enable this, go to Settings > General > Siri > Turn on Hey Siri using the switch. It will work as long as it is plugged in to an external power source. After you have turned it on, your iPhone 6 will respond your command whenever you start any sentence with Hey Siri.

Quick access to frequently used contacts

A great feature of the new iPhone 6 let you access your favourite and recently used contacts quickly. The feature is multitasking. You can open the multi-tasking screen; you should quickly double-press the home button. It will allow you to swiftly switch between open apps by swiping across the thumbnail screens to look for the open app you need. The circular icons will appear across the top of the screen when you do this. It shows either the contact’s photo (if you set it up on your phone) or their initials if not.

Recently contacts appear initially, but if you want to reveal your favourite contacts too you can swipe across. if you touch a contact shortcut, options to call, message or FaceTime the contact will appear.

Send voice message for free

Apple has added an ability to quickly send voice message from your iPhone to other iOS and Mac users but in iOS 8. To do this, you just go to messages and choose the person you want to message just as you normally would when sending a text. If the person is on iMessage, you will see a microphone symbol on the right of the new message box. Just press and hold your finger on this and start speaking. Swipe your finger up to the arrow that appears and it will send straight away. There are two option related with your sent voice message: first it will automatically delete after 3 minutes, second you may save them permanently just by clicking Keep button.

Edit your photos inside the camera app

Your new iPhone already takes fantastic photos. To get them looking their absolute best, iOS 8 includes a whole range of new photo editing options. Open up a photo from your gallery to access them and then tap Edit in the top-right corner of the screen.

You may make any changes you want to the photo by choosing any option within the three icons along the bottom of the screen. If you want to cancel the changes you have made, you can undo all the changes you have made to the picture, even if you’ve saved the edited picture.

Quickly deal with notifications

If there is an email or a text coming to your iPhone when you’re running certain app, the quick notification will appear at the top of the screen. You can get rid of this by swiping it upwards to carry on with what you’re doing or swiping it downwards to get access to a few options in ion iOS 8.

For example, swiping downwards on a text message notification will show you the keyboard to allow you to respond the message without having to switch applications. On the lock screen, you can also swipe from right to left on an email notification to send it straight to trash without even unlicking your iPhone.

Monitor battery usage

Battery is the most important part of your iPhone you really need to be saved. Apple has a new feature to help you saving your battery. Your iPhone will automatically offer suggestions on how to improve your battery life. You will need to go to Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage. You will see a section says ‘Batery Life Suggestion’; which will give you shortcut to options for improving battery life.

The screen also shows you how much battery used by each application in the last 24 hours. This helps you to investigate the app which hogs your battery life so that you can decide a wise choice of using the app in order to save your battery life especially when you’re stuck without a charger.

Getting more detail about your iPhone 6 features will enable you to obtain maximal usage of your phone. Hopefully this TIPS TO GET THE MOST FROM YOUR IPHONE 6 helps you to know more information to use each feature of your iPhone. Don’t complicate yourself in using your new iPhone 6 when you can simplify it.


20 Comments on "How to Make Your iPhone 6 Better"

  1. How do I change the iPhone’s Ring Tones on the iPhone 6 Plus? I am new to the iPhone’s so I need a beginners guide!!

    Thank you!!


    • Hi Terry,

      There is some issues about iPhone 6 ringtones, an we will publish the tutorial when we has fix iPhone 6 ringtones problems as soon as possible.


  2. Is there a .pdf file format for the user manual, one that I can download?

  3. can the iPhone 6 use a micro sd card

  4. How do I turn the voice off when texting
    Example: when typing a mesg it will say a word that sounds or is misspelled. How do you shut off the voice. Thanks

    • Hi Brenda,

      Please follow this step: Settings > General > Accessibility > Speak Hints Off

      Or at least I think that’s whats going on here

  5. Does anyone know how to make keyboard darker? Is this possible on iPhone 6?

  6. I can’t tell when I get messages unless I hit the home button. There’s no alert signal coming on. I’ve tried everything. Please help.

  7. How do you add a FaceTime contact to iphone6.

  8. I am having issues trying to get sounds to work on any game or alert me on texts how do I fix these issues?

  9. Hi,
    I cannot connect with my iPhone and windows 8 laptop.While I connected my laptop I cannot see battery charging symbol on my phone.But when charging with adapter I see battery symbol. Pls help I cannot connect i tune

  10. Do I use cellular or wifi?? When I send a picture message and it’s on wifi it won’t go thru, but when it’s in cellular it goes. Why?? Also how can I see when the battery has fully charged the phone without turning it on.

  11. How do you set up reminders on Iphone6?

  12. How can I increase the volume when on a call I cannot hear the caller

  13. Does anyone know if it is possible to disallow the feature of being able to swipe across so that the favourites contacts do not appear. I think this is a Siri feature.

  14. How do I move freqwuently-used icons onto the bottom pane of the screen?

  15. Hi, How od i change the batter life to %?

  16. My email account shows i have 10 unread emails on screen with email icon. However there are no unread emails when i access the program. How do i get the 10 to go away?

  17. Robert Duffey | August 7, 2016 at 7:43 am | Reply

    Yesterday, something occurred on my phone and I am unable to correct it.

    when I the phone app icon, all I see is my contacts list. the row of small icons which is usually seen at the bottom of the screen i.e. Favourites, Recent, Contacts, number pad and Voice mail icons have dissappeared and I am not unable to make a call from any nuimber that is not on my contacts list.


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