Make the Phone Calls on the iPhone 6s


Absolutely, each of people who has phone will do calling either they call the others or receive the calling from others. However, for those who are first time in owning phone, they probably find difficulties. Alike the other phone, iPhone probably rather difficult to operate but you will be expert only in several days as you know the function of each feature on there. For those who want to make a call from iPhone, you can read the important information as follow.

Make a call from iPhone

First thing that you have to do is finding the icon of hone on the list of app on your screen. This is usually marked like the green square with the white phone logo. Also, it is commonly found at bottom left corner of the home screen. Once tapping the phone icon, there will be few options to pick out from bottom of screen. However, the one you have to do is tapping the keypad. After the keypad button is tapped, you have to dial the number then press green button for starting your call.

Also, you can call the contact from the phonebook. By this, you have to make sure that the numbers you want to dial has been saved since this will make your calling easier. After you open the app phone, you have to tap on contacts button beside the keypad also. Scroll through the contacts list then select the numbers where you want to call.

If you want to answer the phone call from others, you just have to choose two buttons which appear on the screen. There decline which is marked in red and accept on green. If you want to answer, you can choose accept button. As the phone is locked when the one calls you, you can answer it slightly differently. By this, you have to press the finger on green phone icon and you have to slide it to right. It will unlock your phone and answer call.

For those who miss call and then want to call pack particular person, you can do it from the lock screen. Press the finger on missed call notification then slide the finger to right. By this, the iPhone can start call back the particular person immediately. For dismissing notification, just simply slide the fingers to left. For those who are not getting the notification about the missed call, you probably can check the call history by choosing on phone icon from home screen. After that, tap the recent at bottom of screen. By this, you can see all call history then tap on missed button at top of list for viewing the recent missed calls.


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