Managing the Notifications


Notification is one of most essential things that you have to know. This is the way of phone for telling the users about what happens on the apps within the phones. It potentially can be important information including the email or message arriving. Whenever, the app is installed, it will get its own pre determined settings related to the ways it interacts with the users via notifications. However, the users can change them easily even also the users are allowed to stop the notifications.

To complete your safe and security system, there is also lock screen notifications. This commonly comes on two main forms. Those are alerts and banners. The banner one will appear at top of the display. On the other hand, the alerts one will appear at the middle of lock screen. Things that make them differences is the banner will disappear automatically after a seconds but the alerts will require the action even only a tap before it will vanish.

Luckily, iPhone is also completed with notification centre. This will show the users all of notifications which have been received in last 24 hours which is not already auctioned. If you tap OK an alert for instance, it will not show off on the notification centre. You can swipe down from top edge of iPhone display and you can find two tabs: today and the notifications. For today, it will show the users about the summary of the items on the phone and also the plans of the day. Those can be calendar entries, weather, and others information. Select edit app by scrolling down if you want to change that.

However, notification will show the whole information from last 24 hours which is not already done. The whole apps which generate the notifications will appear on the list unless if you want to choose for excluding them. Tap to any notification on the list can take you to piece of information within app which generates it. For instance, you tap on twitter notification; it will open the twitter app toward specific tweet.


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