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Today, smartphone becomes a must have gadget for most people from kids, teens, adults to old people. Whatever who they are, they have smartphone. The most elegant and favorite smartphone is iPhone that is always increased every year with new type and version. However, the users sometimes do not know many things in using it. In fact, there are many secret tips where every user has to know. If you also belong to iPhone users, you have to pay attention to the follow secret tips and tricks below.

Taking Pictures Fast on iPhone

Sometimes, you want to take pictures fast. If you have opened the camera app, usually you need to tap the capture icon on the screen. However, in a hurry situation, it is not effective. When the camera app is run, you can take pictures faster by pushing the volume up button twice. It has the same function with tapping capture icon. Besides that, you can also take pictures by using Apple iPhone hand-free. So, you will not lose good moment to capture. Now, taking picture using your iPhone will be more exciting.

Taking Many Picture at the Same Time

Sometimes, taking one picture does not give you satisfying photo. So, you need to take more than one picture even many pictures. Usually, it is needed to take moving objects. However, is it possible to take many pictures at the same time? With this smartphone, of course it is. What you need to do is to open camera app and then tap & hold the camera capture icon. Then, it will automatically take many series of pictures at the same time. How many pictures will it take? It depends on how long you tap & hold it. So, you can choose the best pictures captured.

Timestamp: Knowing the Time of Receiving and Sending Message

On your iPhone, you can know when you receive or send messages in detailed time. Usually, it only shows the date of the messages received or sent. To see the specific time, what you need to do is just to slide of the screen to the left. Then, the time will appear. You can see the time on the right side of the messages you receive or send. It is very useful, isn’t it?

Using iPhone of a Waterpass

If you are a carpenter, a builder or other skilled labors, you need a waterpass. It is used to measure the level of declivity of ground, floor, post, or something else. If you have this smartphone, actually you do not need to buy a waterpass. You can use it as a waterpass. It is also very helpful when you forget to bring waterpass. To use it as a waterpass, you need to run compass app first. After that, slide the screen to the left. Then, the degree of surface declivity will appear accurately. Anyway, it becomes one of the most useful iPhone features.

Charging the Battery Fast

Emptied battery is one of the most annoying moments. Even more, recharging battery usually takes long minutes. It also happens to Apple users. However, you do not need to worry if battery is empty. You can charge the battery fast even though your iPhone does not feature Quick Charging. So, how can you charge the battery fast? You just need to activate the airplane mode. By activating the airplane mode, it means you turn off any function so that you cannot use internet and even receive message & calls. That is what makes the charging process faster.

LED Flash Notification

Do you feel annoyed when vibrate or the sound of notification rings? In fact, you need it to know that there is massage including BBM, WhatsApp, etc. Actually, you should not always use the sound or vibrate. You can try the alternative that is to activate LED Flash Notification. So, when a message is received, your iPhone will not ring or vibrate but the LED Flash will turn on. To activate it, firstly go to “Settings” menu. After that, choose “General”. Then, tap “Accessibility”. Lastly, activate “LED Flash for Alerts”.

Music Timer when Going to Bed

Most people usually listen to music when going to bed. It makes many people easier to sleep. However, you will find that your smartphone battery will be empty in the morning when you wake up.Of course, it can cause battery drain. To prevent this, you can set Music Timer. It can be considered as one of the most useful iPhone tricks. It allows you listen to music before sleeping and the music play will end or turn off automatically after your desired time. Firstly, open clock app and choose Timer button. Then, set the duration. After that, click “When Timer Ends”. Next, scroll down & choose “Stop Playing”.

iPhone Password with Letters

Everyone of course has a private thing on his or her smartphone. That is why password is needed to lock the smartphone. If you are an Apple user, you usually lock your smartphone with number password. Actually, you can use letters or combined numbers and letters so that the password level will be higher. If you are interested in it, firstly you should go to “Settings” menu. After that, choose “General”. Then, tap on “Passcode Lock”. Lastly, turn off “Simple Passcode”. Now, you can lock your smartphone with letter password safely.

Asking iPhone to Read Message

Sometimes, you are too lazy to read message received on your iPhone. However, you have to know the message because it may be an important message. Now, you can ask your own iPhone to read the message received. Then, it will speak to you. It is very simple to activate this feature. Firstly, you should go to Settings menu. After that, choose “General”. Then, choose “Accessibility”. Next, choose “Speech”. Now, activate “Speak Selection”. After you activate it, Speak button will appear when you sort the texts you want to read.

Changing Vibration Pattern

When you activate the vibrating notification, sometimes it makes you annoyed. However, vibrating notification can be not boring because you can make your own pattern of vibration on your Apple smartphone. Of course, it becomes a great experiment. If you are interested in it, you can do it easily. What you need to do is to go to Settings menu. Then, choose “Sounds” and tap “Ringtone”. After that, choose “Vibration”. Lastly, choose “Create New Vibration”. Now, you can tap your finger on the screen you create your desired vibration pattern.

Visiting Websites Not Manually

If you want to visit certain websites, you do not need to write the address fully. Commonly, websites end up with .com or .net. Besides that, there are also websites that end up, .org or .us, etc. Now, you do not need to write it manually because you just need to tap the mark (.) button on your Apple keypad and the choices of website ends will appear. So, you can choose one of them based on the websites you want to visit. Even though simple, it may be time-saving and more interesting.

Screenshot on Apple iPhone

Sometimes, you want to screenshot something on your Apple smartphone screen such as website page, messages, etc. Different smartphones may have different ways to screenshot. For you who are the user of Apple smartphone, of course you know that you can screenshot the screen of your device using virtual button. However, actually there is an alternative way that is also simple. In this tip, what you need is to take screenshot by pushing Home button and on/off button at the same time for a few seconds. Then, your iPhone will take screenshot and automatically it will be saved on the gallery of your device.

Quick Typing on Apple iPhone

On your smartphone device, you can also make your own list of abbreviations. So, you just need to write the shortness or abbreviation and the full phrase or word will appear. For example, you can make the phrase of “Oh My Gosh!” to be “omg”. If you are interested in it, firstly you need to go to Settings. After that, choose “General” and then “Keyboard”. Next, choose “Shortcut” and then “Add New Shortcut”. Now, enter the phrase or word you want to abbreviate. With this list of abbreviation, you can type message faster.

Turning off Automatic Updates

Updating apps is needed. However, it is sometimes annoying if your device updates the apps automatically. So, you can turn it off. If you are a user of Apple smartphone, you just need to go to Settings. After that, choose ”iTunes & App Store”. Then, inactivate “Updates”. If you want to update your desired apps, you can update them manually if you want.

That is all the secret tips and tricks that you need to know for those who belong to Apple iPhone users. Now, you can use your device much more excitedly. After learning those tips and tricks, you can practice them on your own Apple device at home. For more information about this device please visit iPhone 8 Tutorial website.


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