Send Text Messages from Iphone 6s and 6s Plus


With lots of ways for getting in touch with the others friends, relatives, and families, sending the texts or messaging via phone is one of bigger part. However, for those who are recently purchasing new iPhone, you probably need the tutorials which can lead you to do the messaging correctly. Those steps will be explained as follow. Don’t miss one of the steps if you want to do it quickly and successfully. Make sure that you have done the steps orderly also.

Things to do for sending message via iPhone

For sending the text message, you have to tap the message app on the home screen. It usually has Green Square with the white speech bubble inside of it. However, for those who have the unread messages, this icon will be marked with the red badge on corner that shows the numbers of unread messages that you have. On message app, the users can see the message history. Commonly, each of the conversations is stored under name of people who you are chatting with. Tap the name for opening the conversation.

As the particular conversation opens, you can show the received messages on grey bubbles which are aligned to left. For replying, you can tap input box at bottom of screen. Type the reply by using on screen keyboard as it is finished, you can choose send. The sent message will be shown aligned to right. It will be probably colored in green as indication of text message, blue for iMessage: a message type which is sent between iPhone and the others apple devices.

For starting new message conversation, you can choose the compose button. It looks like the pen and paper at top right corner of screen. Pick recipient of your message by tapping the button. Start to type the phone number or name on keyboards. As you enter the message, the matching contact will appear below of the type. Tap contact if you try to text for selecting those as your recipient. As your preferences, you can choose also from the handset for sending message directly.

Tap the sign of plus (+) on right of TO box. After that, you have to tap the name of contact on list which opens. For adding the multiple recipients, you can repeat of this process. Once choose the one who want to receive the message, you can tap to the box at bottom of screen and then the keyboard will appear. Type the message by using return key for entering the line breaks. As you are ready, you can choose send button. The sent message will appear on right colored either blue or green.


3 Comments on "Send Text Messages from Iphone 6s and 6s Plus"

  1. How do I change the direction of text messaging – from landscape to portrait. It should auto change based on how I hold the phone – it does not, it is fixed in landscape view

  2. How do I cut and paste a text message so I can send it to another person?

  3. Sometimes when I’m typing a message an area pops up between the keyboard and the area the letters/words show as I’m typing which has 3 sections showing possible words I may want to use. It’s not always there and I was wondering how to get it to come up as it’s very useful.

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