Sending Emails & Attachments on iPhone 6s


For those who buy the new item of iPhone, you will be required to have the email account. To create this account, you can browse the tutorials from internet. As you have email, you will absolutely use it for communicating with others. It means that you will receive several emails to your iPhone. Yet, you probably wonder how to send attachment and emails via iPhone. You don’t have to worry since it will be explained in detail as follow.

The steps for sending emails and attachment from iPhone

For those who want to send new email, your iPhone must own the email account firstly. Check the information of adding email to iPhone if you haven’t yet it. For sending email, you have to tap the mail app from the screen. It is usually shown off as white envelope. For those who have already received emails, there will probably to be red badge on it which bears the numbers that represent amount of your unread emails.

As you see the email inbox, you can then tap compose button. It usually looks like the paper and pen. This is commonly found at bottom right corner of email inbox screen. The new email will usually send from the default email account. For those who have more than one account and wish to send it from the different account, you can tap the Bcc or Cc or from. This line will show email address which you send from.

At bottom of screen, you can scroll though the accounts for selecting address you expect to send the email. For instance, you can switch from to the account. For adding the recipients of your emails, you can tap the plus sign (+) at top right corner for browsing the contacts lists. For those who don’t have contacts which are saved on the iPhone, you can simply tap to box and begin to type the email address where you want to send it.

Don’t forget to tap the subject line since it is used for adding the title of the email. Also, tap main window for placing cursor and type the message. As you have finished to type the messages which you want to send via email, just tap the send button at top right hand corner. To add the attachment, you have to hold on blank space on main part of screen for opening the menu. Tap arrow at right hand end then select the insert video or photo or add attachment.


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