Set Alarm on Iphone 6s and 6s Plus


Setting alarm is one of popular occurrence on most of the phones including the iPhone. Mostly, people tend to do this activity on the phone by turning it on for telling the correct time when people want to do some important things. If you are the first timer having iPhone, you will probably don’t know how to set the alarm correctly. Actually, there are several things that you have to do. These steps can be browsed from internet easily. Yet, you can read the following information as your guideline.

Tips for setting the alarm on the iPhone

You are lucky enough since the functionality of alarm is contained within clock app either on the iPhone 6s or 6s plus. By this, you have to be able for finding it out on home screen. You can tap the icon which is shown there for opening the clock app. As the clock app open, you will see some selections at bottom of screen. There will be world clock, stopwatch, alarm, and also the timer. By this, you have to tap the alarm.

The next, you can show off all alarms which are set previously. For those who are at the first time in opening the clock app, you will see that there are no alarms. For setting the new alarming, you can tap the sign of plus (+) at top right corner of your screen. Drag the fingers up and also down on numbers which you want to pick for alarm time. For example, you can set it at 07: 00. You can press the repeat if you want to set the recurring alarm as what you have done at previous time. Select the days which you want to repeat the alarm time. By this, you are not required for setting it every night.

Tap the sound for picking the tone for your alarm. Here, you can scroll through several pre-sets of alarm sounds. Tap on the one which you want to hear it firstly before set it as your alarm sound. After that, you can press back button for going back to settings screen where you are required to choose the one of numerous choices of alarm sounds. There is also label button which will allow the users for changing wording which will appear on particular alarm.

There is also snooze which functions as default set. By this, you can tap the switch off if you want. Once you have edited and set the whole settings, you can select the save options to set the alarm. As you look at list of the alarms, you can see times which you have set for. If there is switch green, it indicates that alarm is set completely. Just tap edit if you want to change any set of your alarming.


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  1. I have a 6s iPhone and cannot get a ringtone. I have read the reset options but I do not have a computer to do this.
    Are there any other way of doing this.

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