How to Sync Media from Computer Using iTunes


Having iPhone 6 with you will bring joy to your life. You will have entertainment anytime you get bored. Watching and saving your special moment is now easier with your new iPhone 6. The large screen of the new iPhone gives you more enjoyment to view pictures, videos and even more movies. When you want to go out and have a walk, just bring your iPhone 6 with you for movie entertainment.

Needs of being entertained is very important. When you need it from your iPhone 6, now you need to look at copying media from your computer onto your new iPhone 6. You can use iTunes to help you getting your pictures, videos and music from your computer to your iPhone 6. Make sure you have installed iTunes to your iPhone 6. When it is ready, now let’s see HOW TO SYNC MEDIA FROM YOUR COMPUTER USING ITUNES.

How to use iTunes to sync music to your iPhone

  1. Open iTunes on your computer and connect your iPhone using the USB cable.
  2. A button marked iPhone should appear in the top right corner of iTunes. If you can’t see it, unplug the iPhone and make sure you have the latest version of iTunes.
  1. Click the top right corner of the iPhone to bring up the iPhone status screen. You will see memory usage information as well as back up status and software updates.
  2. From the top of the screen select Music and make sure the Sync Music box is ticked.
  3. You may choose either syncing your entire iTunes library or manually choosing which albums, artists or playlists you want to sync.
  4. Click Sync or Apply after choosing in the bottom right corner to begin transferring the information to your iPhone.

It is pretty much easy when you have your music in iTunes, if you don’t then you need to import your music into iTunes first before syncing. It is simple to import your music from your computer to iTunes, just choose File from the top of iTunes and then click Add to Library. After that you can place the music you want to add and click OK. What about importing music when you have it on CD? You just need to pop it into your computer while iTunes is open and follow the instruction appearing after all.

How to use iTunes to sync photos, videos and other media to your iPhone

If you want to transfer photos from your computer to your iOS device, start by selecting Photos from the left column in iTunes. You may either choose iPhoto (if you are using a Mac) or to select a folder to sync from. You can select to sync all photos to your device or to select certain albums or folders individually. You can repeat the same procedure to transfer other media to your iOS device.

Now, by following the listed steps above you can transfer any media you want to your iPhone anytime you want using iTunes. Wherever you go you can enjoy your collections of music, videos, movies and other media to give you entertainment when you need it. No more reason to be bored spending your time when you hold iPhone 6 in your hand.


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  1. hamiltoncharles | May 23, 2015 at 5:51 am | Reply

    iTunes is your official tool to sync media from computer, you just add the files easily. An alternative way is try to use FonePaw iOS Transfer.

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