The App Store for Finding New App


Download and install the new app on the app store is fairly easy process. However, as the users download the app at the first time, they probably need to do the little setting by using the Apple ID. By this, they can browse the steps from internet or ask the friends or relatives who have used iPhone. You can do it in no time. Those steps will be explained in detail as follow.

Tips for using App Store

This process can be started by tap the app store on home screen of new iPhone. There will be featured apps page on the store. This will allow you to see numerous apps which are being promoted currently either by Apple or others app developers. Scroll down this page for seeing different sections of apps. Also, each of section can be swiped across for seeing which one is being featured.

You can tap the see all on right of each feature section which will show you more detail selections. On the other hand, at top left of main page, you can tap the categories that will break up app stores on broadly titled and navigated sections easily. Choose the cancel a top for returning to featured apps page. On the categories, you will see sub headings for easier browsing toward the apps which you are looking for. For example, you will see games which lead to the wider selections of game types.

Scroll down to bottom of each featured section since it will give the access to others featured list like big name games, popular puzzlers and those who want to know the hottest one, you select new to app store. At bottom of main page, you can find the links of wider sections of app stores. Featured is for those that are already seen, top charts is quick access to the top 40 of apps either the one which can be download free or paid apps. Explore is the option which can allow the users in seeing what is downloaded by people nearby. It is truly useful as trying in finding the way around the new city for those who are at musical event or major sporting.

Also, the users can choose search at bottom which will allow them for entering name of app which they are looking for. For update option, it allows the users in managing the apps and also installs the updates.


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