How to Transfer Contact on iPhone 6


If you have contacts on your old iPhone and you want to transfer it to your new one, you don’t need to worry. You can use Apple’s iCloud services to help you import vCard files and sync their contact directly to your handset. But if you don’t have iCloud set up on your previous iPhone, you will need one thing to configure. You will need a working SIM card in your old iPhone, or connect it to a Wi-Fi network, so that you can copy the data from your handset into iCloud on your previous iPhone. For further explanation about TRANSFER CONTACTS FROM YOUR OLD PHONE, read step by step below:

  1. Find and tap on the Settings icon.
  2. Scroll down and tap on iCloud.
  3. If your address appears in the top line, it means that you are signed in into iCloud on your old iPhone. You can use the same Apple ID that you have used on your new iPhone 6 to sign in if your address is not appearing in the top line.
  4. Turn Contacts on.
  5. Select the option to Merge your Data with iCloud to upload all your contacts onto the iCloud.

That’s all the simple steps to TRANSFER CONTACTS FROM YOUR OLD PHONE. Everything you have in your old phone can be easily transferred to your new iPhone 6 if you have turned on iCloud services. All you need to do is follow the instructions listed above. Once you are signed it to iCloud your contacts will start to download to your new iPhone 6 instantly. It is simple and easy, isn’t it?


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