Using Low Power Mode in iOS 9 to save battery life



Running out of battery on our iPhone is a condition that can annoy us as iPhone’s users anywhere and anytime. Apple really aware about this annoying condition, and launch “low power mode” in iOS9.

But how to use Low Power Mode in iOS9?

Low Power Mode, based on its name we could know what is the purpose of this feature. Enable this feature immediately to save your battery.  Low Power Mode is working by turning off or reducing mail fetch, background app refresh, automatic downloads, and some visual effects to reduce the battery consumption.

Find and enable low power mode in Settings -> Battery -> Low Power Mode, the battery icon will turns yellow when you enable it. Apple said, that this feature can give you additional times up to 3 hours before you have to charge your iPhone. When your phone charged up the battery about 80%, the low power mode will automatically turn off.
Happy to have this feature, right


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